Published on:
    Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research, 2010; 1(2):59-63
    INVITED REVIEW | doi:10.4103/0975-3583.64432

    Novel mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction in diabetes


    Guang Yang1, Rudolf Lucas1,2, Ruth Caldwell2, Lin Yao2, Maritza J. Romero2, Robert W. Caldwell2

    1Vascular Biology Center,

    2Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA, USA


    Diabetes mellitus is a major risk factor for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. This condition increases the risk of developing coronary, cerebrovascular, and peripheral arterial disease fourfold. Endothelial dysfunction is a major contributor to the pathogenesis of vascular disease in diabetes mellitus patients and has recently received increased attention. In this review article, some recent developments that could improve the knowledge of diabetes-induced endothelial dysfunction are discussed.

    Key words: Arginase, diabetes, endothelial dysfunction, protein kinase C, reactive oxygen species, tumor necrosis factor.