Published on:
    Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research, 2012; 3(3):236-239
    CLINICAL CASE REPORT BASED STUDY | doi:10.4103/0975-3583.98901

    Pulmonary endarteritis, cerebral abscesses, and a single ventricle: An uncommon combination


    Achyut Sarkar, Imran Ahmed, Naveen Chandra, Arindam Pande

    Pediatric Cardiology Unit, Department of Cardiology, IPGMER, SSKM Hospital, Kolkata, India


    Endocarditis of the right side of the heart is otherwise uncommon in children. Pulmonary endarteritis as a complication of congenital heart disease is even rarer. Herein, we report the case of pulmonary endarteritis with a 7 mm ×5 mm vegetation, involving the main pulmonary artery in a 4-year-old male child, with cyanosis and a 1-week history of fever and rapidly-progressive hemiparesis. A full segmental echocardiography demonstrated a double inlet left ventricle with left-sided subaortic hypoplastic right ventricle (Van Praagh’s A-III type – Single Ventricle). Additionally, CT scan of the brain revealed bilateral cerebral abscesses. To the best of our knowledge, the occurrence of pulmonary endarteritis and cerebral abscesses in a case of single ventricle is hitherto unreported. This article underlines the importance of heightened clinical awareness and meticulous echocardiography in cases of congenital heart disease so that relatively rare complications may not be missed.

    Key words: Cerebral abscess, cyanotic heart disease, pulmonary endarteritis, single ventricle.