Published on:January 2016
    Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research, 2016; 7(1):50-52
    Case Report | doi:10.5530/jcdr.2016.1.10

    Severe Abdominal Complaints after Technical Successful Endovascular Treatment of Chronic Splanchnic Ischemia


    Claire Anne Josephine Irene Leenarts1, Mark John Fritzgerald Haagmans2, Lee Hans Bouwman3, Cornelis Johannes Josephine Marie Sikkink3

    1Department of Surgery, Zuyderland Medical Center Sittard-Geleen, Maastricht University Medical Center, Maastricht, THE NETHERLANDS.

    2Department of Radiology, Zuyderland Medical Center Sittard-Geleen, THE NETHERLANDS.

    3Department of Surgery, Zuyderland Medical Center Heerlen, THE NETHERLANDS


    Reperfusion syndrome (RS) after revascularization of an arterial occlusion of the lower leg is a well-known complication. RS after splanchnic revascularization however, is an infrequent and less known phenomenon. We present apatient with persisting abdominal complaints after revascularization of the celiac trunk and superior mesenteric artery suggesting reocclusion. CT angiography showed patent splanchnic arteries but a striking hyperperfusion state of liver and spleen. Complaints diminished steadily with conservative therapy but RS can cause severe complications such as liver failure and multiple organ failure. Ignorance of RS might interfere with adequate treatment and can contribute to a high in-hospital mortality rate.

    Key words: Intestine, Revascularization, Complication, Reperfusion syndrome.

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