Manuscript Submission and Article Processing Charges

    Manuscripts can be now submitted via Online through this Link

    Online submissions : Journalonweb

    A timely submission, however, is not a guarantee that your work will be accepted for forthcoming publication.  All submissions are peer reviewed by the editorial board and a select group of reviewers. Please make sure that all guidelines are followed carefully. All the accepted articles will be queued for publication and will appear in the futures issues based on the priorities set by the editorial board.

    HARD COPY SUBMISSION :  Hard copies are NOT being accepted.

    Check list for submitting a Manuscript

    • Covering letter
    • Copyright Forms (Scanned)
    • Article First Page
    • Manuscript
    • Illustrations (if any)

    Article Processing Charges

    Upon acceptance, Authors are required to pay a nominal pre-press charges of 4000 INR or USD 200/manuscript  is applicable and to be paid to the publishing service provider "EManuscript Services" Bangalore, INDIA. Article processing charges (APCs) are associated with only accepted articles to cover the costs of making the final version of the manuscript freely available via open access.

    Final article layout : Above charges are applicable for a minimum of 1-6 pages. For more than 6 pages, add charges, of  10 USD/extra page.

    To cover the cost of the following

    • Journal hosting systems [jHOST]
    • Manuscript submission systems []
    • In-house copyediting and linguistic support
    • Pagination & typesetting
    • Inclusion in Crossref, giving a permanent DOI and enabling easy citation in other journals.
    • Archiving, where appropriate, in an internationally recognized, open access repositories.